Chris Ward interviews Dr Rachel Gillibrand about her work as a Chartered Psychologist and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, and her involvement in research using EEG to reveal how the brain responds to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Rachel is keen for this research to be expanded upon, so listeners interested in discussing this with her may contact her via her website 

In this episode, I speak with Eve Lipchik.

Eve was a founding member of the Brief Family Therapy Centre so was one of the original midwives of the solution focused approach.

She is also the author of Beyond Technique in Solution Focused Therapy.

Here she talks about the initial development of solution focused brief therapy, and her wish to see greater emphasis given to the role of emotion and empathy.

In this episode, we speak to Rob Black, co-organiser of this year's 2019 UKASFP Conference.

We'll be finding out what's happening at conference this year, how to book, and what you need to do in order to present at conference yourself.





Welcome to Series 2 of The Solution Focused Podcast.

In this episode, Elliott Connie shares how he uses solution focused therapy with couples.

Elliott is a world renowned therapist, teacher and author based in the USA.

In this conversation, we hear how Elliott builds solutions with couples, how it differs from one to one work, and he offers some interesting thoughts on the solution focused approach itself.

In this episode, Chris Ward discusses his solution focused approach to University students contemplating suicide.

He shares his 4 step process when faced with a student in crisis.

Chris is a solution focused well being advisor at the University of Surrey.

In this episode, Steve Flatt discusses working with trauma from a solution focused standpoint.

Steve has been working with trauma for the better part of three decades and runs a national trauma network.

In this episode, consultant Matt Ayton travels to India to try out solution focused practice for the first time. What happened? How did he apply it? Did it work? And what tips for other relative beginners?

In this episode, Dr Mark McKergow looks at the development of Solution Focused Brief Therapy - from the early classical version to the emergence of version 2.0.


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